Why Arrowhead?

Arrowhead’s geographic position, logistical capabilities and safety standards set the facility apart in the marketplace in a number of ways, including:

  • Direct rail access, reducing transportation costs while reaching a wider customer base.
  • A superior location above the naturally occurring geological Selma Chalk Formation, providing a safer, environmentally responsible disposal option.
  • More than 1,345 acres of greenspace, a 425-acre Subtitle D landfill footprint with 75 million cubic yards of airspace. The facility is permitted to receive up to 15,000 tons of material per day.
  • Geographic reach, serving 33 states including all states east of the Mississippi River, all states along the western edge of the Mississippi River, Oklahoma and Texas.
  • Proven and unparalleled rail transfer capabilities including the ability to unload up to 15,000 tons per day.

Waste Streams and Approval

Arrowhead is permitted to accept Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Construction and Demolition Debris (C&D) and Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) approved industrial and special waste streams.  Daily service from major Class I rail lines allows Arrowhead Landfill to efficiently accept waste for disposal from communities and customers east of the Mississippi River including Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast states as well as Oklahoma and Texas.

Acceptable Industrial and Special Wastes include:

  • Contaminated Soils and Debris
  • Liquid and semi-solid waste (for solidification)
  • Auto shredder residue
  • Dredge spoils
  • Electronics
  • Non-infectious putrescible waste
  • Industrial waste
  • Foundry sand
  • Petroleum contaminants
  • Water and Waste Water treatment sludge
  • Tires
  • Railroad ties
  • Other non-hazardous waste streams

Waste Approval Process

A Form 300 must be completed and submitted to ADEM for each industrial or special waste stream approval. The form is used to profile your waste stream to determine if it meets the regulatory criteria to be disposed in a Subtitle D Landfill.  Our special waste experts are available to assist in the review of your waste stream and to help expedite the waste approval process.  We work closely with ADEM to properly characterize and document all waste streams to ensure our customers are compliant with State and Federal Regulations and that no unacceptable waste is received at Arrowhead.

Let one of our waste experts guide you through the waste approval process.

Ideal Location Over Selma Chalk Formation

Arrowhead is located over one of the most impermeable naturally occurring clay formations in North America. EPA specifications require that Subtitle D landfills are designed to adequately contain waste and provide a barrier between the groundwater through a sophisticated liner and leachate collection system. At our site, Selma Chalk, at depths of over 400 feet, provides an added bonus layer of protection between the lined Subtitle D facility and groundwater, making Arrowhead one of the most environmentally sound disposal facilities in the nation.

Rail Service Reduces Costs, Offers Speed

5 Miles of Dedicated Track Siding

Arrowhead is one of the largest rail-served facilities east of the Mississippi River with direct rail access to every market served in Norfolk Southern’s railroad network and other connecting rail services.

Arrowhead is a rail-served landfill facility built to effectively handle large volumes of material quickly—unloading up to 15,000 tons per day with a 24-hour cycle turn around. Waste delivered on rail has the lowest carbon footprint per ton compared to other methods of waste transportation.

Arrowhead has the ability to serve 33 states including all states east of the Mississippi River, all states along the western edge of the Mississippi River, Oklahoma and Texas.

Arrowhead has 5 miles of dedicated siding for unloading waste

Turnkey Service for Rail Transport

The experienced team at Arrowhead can assist with pricing waste that needs to be long hauled on rail.  We can provide rail containers and/or gondolas plus we operate two transload facilities in the Northeast.  Whether your company needs to assess needed rail infrastructure or just rail transport costs, our team can provide this turnkey service.

Arrowhead rail transfer capabilities