Community Benefits

Involving the Community

Arrowhead is committed to helping local residents understand the steps we take to protect the environment as well as the economic benefits we bring to the community.

Arrowhead benefits the community through increased property and sales tax revenues, support of local vendors (e.g. fuel, parts, food, etc.), community education events, and support for local schools.

Economic Boost

Arrowhead Landfill has a host agreement with Perry County that provides the following benefits to residents of Perry County:

- A per ton host fee is paid to Perry County on waste accepted at Arrowhead.

- An additional per ton host fee is set aside in an escrow account for the resurfacing, construction and maintenance of designated County roads.

Community Education, Support for Schools

In addition to the host agreement, Arrowhead provides community education events and support for local schools and community events. Examples include:- Sponsoring the City of Uniontown Summerfest, events at Life Center in Uniontown, and The Union Life Thanksgiving dinner for senior residents.

- Supporting local schools through providing two scholarships for local graduating seniors, sponsoring a school backpack and supplies program, and partnering with C.H.O.I.C.E., a local organization that helps families and students in need.
- Meeting regularly with community members and elected officials to keep them fully apprised of issues and plans for the facility.
- Organizing regular countywide clean up days and maintaining roads near Arrowhead to keep them free of debris.